Residential and Commercial Power Washing in Lubbock

Ferguson Power Washing has been Lubbock’s First Choice for power washing professionally serving Lubbock since 2010. Formerly known as College Fund Power Wash, we have expanded and grown our professional service over the years. We specialize in Commercial and Residential power washing and vent hood cleaning services. We currently operate 3 trucks and rigs equipped with the latest of hot water power washing technology. Our experience in the power washing industry has allowed us to create an affordable and effective power washing process. We carry all of the proper insurance for every kind of project and can professionally assess each job with an outcome to deliver guaranteed results for our customers.

Ferguson Power Washing offers a host of residential and commercial power washing services in Lubbock. Whether you need a side walk, driveway, commercial kitchen or vehicle? power washed, we will come to you and get the job done. Our power washing services include:

Power Washing
Our state-of-the-art equipment can wash almost anything off of almost anything. With an on-board water heater and high pressure rig we can clean stains, grease, dirt, paint, and almost anything else from your driveway, patio, concrete, brick, fence… you name it!

Concrete Cleaning
Driveways, patios, parking lots, sidewalks – we can clean it. You can expect your concrete to look years younger with our high-pressure, high-temperature concrete washing. Years of oil, grease, and dirt build-up are removed in no time with our heated power wash.

Gutter Cleaning
With our gutter cleaning service we can extend the life of your gutters. Also the headache of climbing a ladder. With our high-pressure power washing system, we can have the job done in no time.

RV & Boat Washes
Ferguson Power Washing is a prompt and friendly RV and Boat washing service. We take the time to do the job right.

Vent Hood Cleaning
We professionally clean kitchen exhaust systems in compliance with the NFPA 96. We make the vent hood cleaning process easy and affordable for our customers. We also recapture all of our grime and leave no mess behind!

Window Washing
We offer professional commercial and residential window washing. We’ll leave your windows streak-free and sparkling at an affordable price.

We offer FREE estimates on all work, so get in touch for your next power washing service today!